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The Wandering Day (DVD)
This documentary reveals the forgotten history of Calendar Reform at the League of Nations and the champions of freedom who stood in the way. 

From LLT Productions. Run time: approx. 47 minutes.

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$ 19.95
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The Seventh Day (5 DVDs)
The definitive Sabbath History documentary. Hosted by award-winning actor Hal Holbrook.

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$ 69.95
Hell and Mr. Fudge (DVD)
As a Bible-belt preacher in 1970's Alabama, Fudge faces prejudice and injustice as he challenges long-established traditions and narrow-minded critics. And things heat up when he's hired to research the topic of hell. Branded a heretic, he ends up an outcast in his own town. Based on a true story. 96 minutes. Closed-captioned. 

Many customers also ordered "Hell: A Final Word" and "The Fire That Consumes" -- both books

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$ 19.95
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